Our first blog post!

Our first blog post!

Posted by #TeamIP on Feb 15th 2014

On behalf of Iron Punisher Apparel Co, we want to thank you for your loyalty and support.  As we continue to grow, we do so with you in mind.  We know it isn’t always easy to stay consistent, and we hope that our clothing continues to provide you with empowerment.  At Iron Punisher Apparel Co, we believe in equal energy exchange and so know that as part of the IP family, you are woven into the fibers of every single product.  

This space is dedicated to information and education.  Please check back often for blog posts, recipes, workouts and more.  Enjoy this leg workout, using whatever form of resistance that feels best for you, and don’t forget to tag us in your stories and posts!

5 Sets

Leg Extension x 8-10 reps immediately into

Sissy Squats x failure

30 sec rest

Prone HS Curl x 12 single leg, both legs to failure

60-90 sec rest

4 Sets

Front Elevated Stationary Lunges x 8-10 90 sec rest

5 Sets

Lever Squat x 8-10 immediately into

Single Leg Plate Loaded Squat Press (Leg Press) x 10-15

90 sec rest

6 Sets

Box Squat x 5-8 45 - 60 sec rest

Walking Lunges x 100 each leg unbroken

Leg Press x 100 unbroken